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If you add up all the different design options, we’ve got over 800,000 ways our barns can be built – but only one that is perfect for you. The classic barn is a perfect option for your storage or office needs. We’ve even seen people use the classic barn for smoking meat, brewing beer, and setting it up as a prayer chapel. No matter what your need is, we have a outdoor wood storage shed that will make your life a little less hectic. If clutter is ruling your life and you just need some space- call us! We’re in the “problem solving” business for Treasure Valley residents.

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Classic Barns

Barns are rugged and iconic and Idaho Wood Sheds’ Classic Barn is one of our time-tested standards. It has ample overhead storage, with a roof line that looks great anywhere. Sure you can buy a prefabricated wood shed form one of the big box stores but why would you? With Idaho Wood Sheds you get custom built, Idaho-made perfection every time.

  • Gambrel style with a classic roofline
  • Optional double barn doors
  • Perfect for the country-style home
  • 72″, 81″ or 96″ wall height
  • Strong engineered truss systems for generous  overhead storage
  • Vent included on gambrel end
  • Large 4 x 6 wood swing door with engineered wood frame and 3 heavy duty D style hinges
  • Keyed locking T-handle
  • Available in sizes from 6×6 to 16’x24′ or larger

Classic Barns? See For Yourself!

We’d love for you to see just how great our Classic Barns can be – so we’re inviting you to come see us at our location in Meridian. If you can’t make the drive, just send us a message with our handy contact form or hop on the phone with us at 208-888-1090!

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