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Classic Barn

This roofline likes to keep a low profile while still touting that country vibe.  It offers a tad bit more wiggle room for storage should you decide you need to use the rafters or a loft.

All Idaho Wood Sheds include:

  • 25 year asphalt shingles
  • 15# felt underlay
  • 6/12 pitch
  • 2X4 wall construction 16” on center
  • Double top plate; single bottom plate on all walls
  • Sturdy 2X4 & 2X6 floor joists 16” on center
  • ¾ “ plywood floor deck
  • PT runners
  • Concrete blocks
  • Standard, heavy duty 4’ X 6’ wood swing door
  • Octagon gable or gambrel end venting

Options to consider:  wall height, siding, windows, door styles, decks, flower boxes, skylights, metal and so much more.  SNOW LOAD trusses available!

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