Shed Maintenance Tips for Fall

Proper shed maintenance is highly important in order for your shed to last as long as possible. With Fall around the corner, and the harsher weather that comes with it, there are a few things that you can do to keep your shed in prime condition. These shed maintenance tips will help you keep up on your investment. 

Check For Damage

A 15 minute walk through could save you a lot of headache in the future. Look for things like cracks, mold, dents, breaks, and holes. In addition, be sure to check the roof for any missing shingles, damage, or collected debris. 

Clear Any Overgrown Vegetation

Idaho Wood Sheds’ are built on a wood floor, or concrete slab. Pressure treated runners and blocks elevate the shed to allow for important circulation under the building. If this airflow is blocked, it can cause problems such as mold, or water damage. For this reason it is important to clear any overgrown vegetation, or possible obstructions that prevent proper air circulation.

Do Not Let Sprinklers Or Irrigation Systems Spray Your Shed

Water damage can occur when sprinklers repeatedly spray the exterior of the shed. It may be necessary to reroute sprinkler or irrigation systems to avoid water damage caused by repeated exposure. 

Check To Make Sure Your Shed Is Level

Over time, sheds might settle, and become out of level, especially if it was built on grass or an area with softer ground. When this happens, the structural integrity of the shed can be compromised. Issues such as twisting, and doors coming out of alignment may arise. Yearly checks will help prevent this from happening.

Wash And Repaint The Exterior

Washing and repainting your shed every few years will greatly increase your shed’s lifespan, and keep it looking bright, and clean.

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